Nurturing care in your home for mother and baby


What is a Postpartum Doula?

“A Postpartum and Infant Care Doula brings experience, companionship, and emotional support to parents and their newborns while providing physical, educational and non-judgmental support.”  (Source ProDoula)


What does a Doula do & not do?

Doula’s are like a “professional best friend,” while performing our role as a doula:

  • focus on mother’s recovery from birth

  • focus on baby’s adjustment to life on this side of the womb

  • breastfeeding and bottle-feeding support

  • emotional support for transitioning mom, baby and family

  • sleep guidance, infant soothing and general coping skill

  • meal preparation and light housework

  • general needs of the family

 It’s also helpful to know what a doula does not do:

  • Doulas are NOT medical professionals

  • We do not provide clinical or medical care such as checking blood pressure or administering medications to you or your baby

  • We do not make medical or philosophical decisions for parents

  • We do not take the role of the husband

  • We do not take over FULL care for baby


I felt very at ease leaving my baby with Sarah. My baby was a preemie so I was extra cautious about who I left her with. Sarah was very attentive and sweet with my baby.” -Mary