Sarah's Postpartum Doula Mission


Hi Friends… I wanted to share some of my personal thoughts and feelings on the role of a postpartum doula.  This is my own understanding and personal mission within this work.

The postpartum stage for a mom is a unique time and can vary for all moms. It can even vary for each new pregnancy.  The time after a mother has delivered her baby she is now postpartum.  This time brings lots of change in many areas, including her body, mind and physical environment.  Now there is a whole new human living within the walls of her home.  With this brings unexpected and unpredictable things. During this time, needs can arise that even the most organized and best planning mama can’t always prepare for before baby arrives. This is what excites me about supporting and being there for mamas in their postpartum stage. Identifying their needs and taking action or just simply doing what they ask and being present.

My personal goal is to help set mom and dad up for success once I am gone. Even though this time is unpredictable, a roller coaster of emotions and can bring stress… it should also be a HAPPY TIME.  There is a new baby, a new human that is here to do great things in the world!  The mama, daddy, siblings, family and friends should be over joyed.  My mission is that they all get to breath it all in and enjoy the excitement, and get to know this new little baby. The question I first have to ask myself is: What can I do to help this transition be as smooth and enjoyable as possible?

There are oh so many things I can do to support a mom, baby and family during this time.  It can look different for each family and their particular dynamic.  Here’s my quick list I go through in my head as I’m working with a family…

-Check in on how mom is feeling.

-What do mom and/or baby need, immediately

-What tasks need to be completed that are a priority

-Continue to reassure mom & dad they have the skills it takes

-Answer questions or help find answers (or outside support)

-Give advice when necessary and appropriate

-Just be present

I never want to replace a family member or their role in mom and baby’s life.  I’m there to connect the dots and aid all parts of the family in their own personal role for mama and baby. The end goal is not to become the family’s personal Mary Poppins, but to work my way out of needing to be there.  (Although, some families may need a “Mary Poppins” and I will support you and help in the search for one ;) )

I would love for mom and dad to look back on this stage with happy memories!

My mission is to nurture and love on the new mama after birth by providing non-judgmental support to both mom and dad, assisting with newborn car, and supporting the entire family’s transition with compassion and empathy.

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Top 10 To Dos Before Baby Comes

There are so many things as mamas we can do to prepare before baby joins us, on this side of the womb.  In this Pinterest world we live in, the list could go on and on and we could easily get super over whelmed.  I’m not saying I’m against it or that you shouldn’t tackle your dream nursery project.  I just want you to be mindful so that you don’t overwhelm yourself.  The goal in pregnancy is not to add any unnecessary stress, right?  I have put together this list for my clients, friends and any mamas who would benefit.  Here is my top list of to-do’s I recommend you check off before you may go into labor or your scheduled C-section.  These are in no particular order of importance.  It may be a good idea to start this list at the beginning of your third trimester.

Select a Pediatrician

Have a pediatrician selected.  The hospital will ask before discharging you and baby.  If you have older children add new baby to your patient information.

Pack your Hospital Bag

Make a list for you, baby and daddy.  Pack the necessary. 

Prepare baby’s car seat and Install

Give yourself enough time to make sure it is properly installed. If you’re using a hand-me-down be sure to check the expiration date.

Feeding Supplies

Check your Breast Pump and purchase any extra supplies needed for it.  Wash bottles and feeding equipment.  Designate an area in your kitchen for these things.

Set up Mom & Dad’s Bedroom for Baby

Plan where baby will sleep in the master bedroom.   Have a place for a changing station in mind and supplies handy.

Gift for Siblings

Big brother or sister is also welcoming a new baby into their life and home.  This will be a big transition for them, as well.  Preparing a little gift of some kind for them would be nice.  It could also be from the new baby.

Plan for Meals

Have a plan in place for meals for you and your family.  Stock up on non-perishables, make ahead meals you can freeze and/or have someone in charge of setting of a meal train for you. 

Stock Up

Inventory your household necessities and stock up.  Things like: toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, hygiene supplies

Basic Baby Supplies

Purchase newborn and size 1 diapers, wipes, diaper cream, burp clothes, swaddle, receiving blankets

Check in with your Insurance

Call your insurance company and double check that there isn’t any kind of forms or paperwork to do beforehand.

If you like to physically check things off like me, here is a checklist for you!

Top 10 To Dos Checklist-1.jpg